Saving for the Future can be EPIC

I had the pleasure to emcee an event recently – completely dedicated to raising funds for our school district. More specifically, for teachers and students in the areas of arts and innovation.

The night included a fancy dinner at a classic steak restaurant with drinks and a silent auction – fun was inevitable. But what made the night extraordinary – actually EPIC – was the generosity and commitment of the community to support student learning.

At SAMS, Amy and I always base our thinking and leadership on the simple concept that there is no such thing as other people’s children. We believe when a community of teachers, parents, and administrators who, in their hearts, want for every child, what they would want for their own child – we will have an EPIC school.

At the SAVfortheFuture event, when I witnessed extraordinary amounts of money raised so that every child can be Educated, Prepared, and Inspired, I saw a Community of life-long learners in a small caring environment. A small caring environment dedicated to providing every child an EPIC experience at St. Anthony New Brighton Schools.

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