Kindness is defined here, and felt today, thanks to a stranger named Ted.

An envelope was mailed to me today at school, and its content was a simple letter and a wallet that belonged to an 8th grader at SAMS. A few months ago, this 8th grader, Ben, lost his wallet at a Vikings game. A stranger picked it up, found a SAMS school ID card, and mailed it to the principal (me) so I could get it back to Ben. The wallet’s content was intact — with money, giftcards, and even coins.

I wish I could meet Ted and get to know him because I’m just so honored to know people like him. His actions, his willingness to take the time and effort to do the right thing, and his simple approach to good character are inspiring. Like me, other grown-ups around SAMS appreciate this small gesture because we know how rare they can seem.  It will be great to see Ben’s reaction when he sees his wallet and reads the note, and I’m intrigued to hear what his friends and classmates think.  I want them to feel the kindness in the moment and in Ted’s gesture.  We could talk to these kids for hours and hours about the power of kindness, but it’s measures like these, taken by strangers like Ted, who remind us why the work we do in schools together is powerful and important.

Enjoy the story.  Enjoy your Friday.  Wishing you kindness to be found in your mailbox too.

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